Mercury Slip Rings List

Mercury Slip Ring

Model#PDFPolesCurrent(A)/PolesDielectric Strength AC/DC
Max Frequency(MHZ)Contact ResistanceMax Speed
Work Temperature
Max/Min ℃
Insulation Resistance
1 pole250--200<1mΩ1200-29℃~60℃250--
1 pole350--200<1mΩ800-29℃~60℃300--
1 pole250--200<1mΩ1200-29℃~60℃250--
1 pole650--200<1mΩ200-29℃~60℃1000--
1 pole1500--200<1mΩ100-29℃~60℃2000--
2 pole30A250200<1mΩ1800-29℃~60℃200>25MΩ
3 pole30A250200<1mΩ1200-29℃~60℃400>25MΩ
4 pole30A/4250200<1mΩ1200-29℃~60℃400>25MΩ
6 pole30A/4250100<1mΩ300-29℃~60℃700>25MΩ
8 pole30A/6250100<1mΩ200-29℃~60℃1000>25MΩ
10 pole30A/8250100<1mΩ100-29℃~60℃1500>25MΩ
12 pole30A/10250100<1mΩ60-29℃~60℃2000>25MΩ
1 pole10A--200<1mΩ3600-29℃~60℃35>25MΩ
1 pole20A--200<1mΩ2000-29℃~60℃50--
1 pole50A--200<1mΩ1800-29℃~60℃70--
2 pole4A250200<1mΩ2000-29℃~60℃75>25MΩ
3 pole4A250200<1mΩ1800-29℃~60℃100>25MΩ
4 pole30A250100<1mΩ100-29℃~60℃2000>25MΩ
1) Anti-interference, low cost
2) Contact resistance is less than the 1mΩ
3) No divtenance, better reliability than traditional slip ring
4) Suitable for signal and power transmitting of any rotating devices
5) Mercury slip ring is used with special sealing materials,insulation and conductive technology production
6) Housing material is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel
7) Applied for any rotating objects of signal transmitting such as:tiny voltage,EMF,thermocouple,strain gauge,audio and video signals, high frequency,computer signal and electric power connections