DODL Optical Delay Line
Main Features
DODL is a manually controlled variable optical delay line and provides low cost, precision optical path length adjustment. The standard device has a delay range of 330ps for single pass mode. Delay is shown on the readout on the top side, both in ps and mm. This device is suitable for precision optical path length control or timing alignment.
Typical applications
Optical interferometer、 Optical Coherence Tomography、 Coherent telecommunications、 Spectrum analyzers、 Radar calibration, Optical network testing

DODL Optical Delay Line
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Fiber Optic Coils Specifications
Optical Delay Range0~330ps(100mm)Operating Wavelength1260nm~1650nm
Readout Resolution0.17ps(50um)Power Threshold300mW
Optical Delay Accuracy 3.4ps(0.1mm)Operating Temperature0~50℃
Insert Loss<1.2dBStorage Temperature--20~70℃
Insert Loss Variation±0.3dBSize110x45x29mm
Return Loss>55dBFiber TypeSMF-28